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Events and Announcements for Elite Dangerous
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    Greetings Commanders,

    Time to fly your ships over and join us for our first ever Frontier Expo!

    On Saturday, October 7, 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, we are hosting our biggest community event yet! If you want to find out more about the future of Elite Dangerous, our other games, the Frontier studio, and other exciting announcements, this will be the place to be this year!

    We will have loads of Frontier developers you can talk to, special industry guests and experts on several panels, demo stations with exciting activities, community events, and a massive party in the evening! For more information on what’s happening, you can keep your eyes on this page for news articles and teasers of the event.

    Tickets are going on sale on Friday, July 28, 2017 at 12PM BST with an early bird discount running until Monday, July 31, 2017 – there’s limited availability on each ticket type, so make sure you grab yours as soon as possible! As you can see, there will be loads of goodies and special events going on for you to enjoy.

    For any questions, please check our Frontier Expo FAQ, reach out via the forums[], or contact our community team via!

    Frontier Expo is for you, our amazing community, and we cannot wait to see you all there.


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    In case you haven't seen in Newsletter #186 which was sent out today, or if you don't subscribe to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter (you should!) we've announced details for the Beta for 2.4 The Return!

    Here's what was posted in the Newsletter:

    Greetings Commanders,

    We’re very excited to announce that the beta for 2.4 Elite Dangerous: The Return will begin on August 17. As 2.4 will roll out in a slightly different way to our previous updates, the same will be the case for the beta.

    The initial beta period will be open for those who have previously paid for beta access, it will then close for a few days to let us prepare for Open Beta, and then it will come back online for everyone to test. We’ll have full instructions on what we need testing in our beta specific forums, but just like the beta for 2.3.10 and as with previous updates, Thargoid specific content will remain a surprise and will not be present in the beta.

    We will still need everyone's help in making sure that bug fixes, general improvements and more under the hood updates are tested thoroughly though.

    If you do help us out by jumping in to test we’ll give you a unique tester’s decal (we'll share details of the decal on our social media channels) to use on your ships in the main game. These decals will be made available at a later date, and we’ll have more instructions on how you can get your hands on yours when the beta change list goes live on August 17.

    Previously we’ve held livestreams on the run up to our releases, featuring details all about the features in the update. However, due to the nature of this update we wouldn't want to spoil the narrative or interactions that the community will have so we won't be broadcasting these reveal streams in the build up to the upcoming beta for 2.4. We’ll still keep things going with small sneak peeks here and there, but largely we really want you to discover 2.4’s secrets for yourself. After release, we’ll be hosting streams that focus on the narrative, explaining what our Commanders are discovering, explaining how you can get involved and hinting at things to come.

    Although you won’t see them in the beta, from day one after 2.4’s final release the Thargoids will make their return. We can’t wait to see your interactions with the most mysterious and terrifying things you'll have seen in the Elite Dangerous galaxy to date. The dev team have put a lot of love in to 2.4 and we can’t wait to share that hard work with you.

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    Hi everyone,

    Tomorrow night on the stream, Ed will be joined by Sandro Sammarco at 7PM BST to run through the official Thargoid Lore, and have a good ol' chat about Elite Dangerous.

    Hopefully we'll be able to sneak in a couple of questions to Sandy from the live chat, too!

    See you tomorrow at 7PM BST:

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    Greetings Commanders,

    We’re very pleased to announce that Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return will be released on Tuesday 26 September.

    On launch day you’ll be interacting with the most mysterious and deadly things you’ve encountered in the Elite Dangerous galaxy – the Thargoids.
    Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return will then continue to roll out with interactive narrative-based content emerging over the coming months.

    We can’t wait to see how you fare against these potentially deadly adversaries on Tuesday 26 September.

    You can see the cinematic short on our YouTube channel

    Good luck out there,


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    We hope you’re all excited for 2.4 The Return on September 26, I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent cinematic short video from last night’s livestream. I hope you are all as excited and terrified as I am for the update!

    As you may know, in 2.4 there will be some new changes to pilots federation bounties and rebuys which Sandro has been discussing on the forums.

    As Powerplay features consensual, player-versus-player interactions, this will provide exemption from Pilot’s Federation bounties and the ship rebuy penalty when entering into legitimate Powerplay PVP combat when 2.4 arrives. To ensure a smooth transition, we are going to un-pledge any Commander that has not participated in Powerplay on or around the launch of 2.4.

    Any Commander with zero merits at this time will be un-pledged. If you wish to remain pledged, all you have to do is earn a single merit by this date.

    This is a one-time effect; you are free to pledge again if you are un-pledged.

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  • 09/26/17--10:17: 2.4 The Return - Patch Notes
  • Greetings Commanders,

    Today we have released update 2.4, The Return. We expect the servers to be down for approximately 9 hours. As usual with these updates, this amount of time could be longer than expected... we'll keep you up to date with the server status throughout the day. See our social media channels for regular updates. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by the downtime - thanks for your patience!

    The update to your client will be around 7 GB.

    Additionally, we've pushed out a mandatory update to the patch/updater client. You'll need to get this updated patcher before you will be able to download the update.

    And finally, here's the changelog.

    New Content & Features (Horizons)

    • Added mysterious and exciting things...
    • Holo-Me Save Slots - We have added save slots for different Commander appearances in the Holo-Me system
    • Holo-Me: Added 12 new hairstyles
    • Holo-Me: Added slots for Eyewear and Outfits
    • Synthesis can now create heat sinks, chaff, limpets and top up life support
    • Additional planetary bases added to the Colonia region for migration winners
    • Added mysterious locations we're not going to tell you about...

    New Content & Features (Non-Horizons)

    • Added more mysterious and exciting things...
    • Ship Rebuy Penalty – When a player commits the crime of murder (PvP only), an additional cost is added if they swap to a less expensive ship before paying legal costs during the rebuy flow
      • Exemption for valid Powerplay PvP

    • Pilot’s Federation Bounty – When a player commits the crime of murder (PvP only), they receive an additional Pilot's Federation Bounty. This bounty is valid in every jurisdiction except anarchies
      • Exemption for valid Powerplay PvP

    • Inbox Revamp - Various quality of life improvements and a new look
    • New Chained Missions - Which can be longer than two steps
    • Hull/Canopy Repair Limpet controllers are now available
    • Preview game extras in outfitting - You will now be able to preview paint jobs and other game extras available for purchase
    • Stored ships can now be sold from the rebuy screen to cover the rebuy cost
    • Updated route plotting system:
      • maximum route plotting range is now 20Kly
      • route plotting is much faster
      • there is now an option to make use of neutron star boost when plotting routes
      • an icon is displayed on the route to show the last scoopable star before running out of fuel

    • Additional NPC stations added to support infrastructure and trade routes in Colonia region
    • Star systems renamed based on Colonia migration winners
    • Additional space stations added to Pleiades region to support civilian expansion narrative
    • Added search and rescue contacts to stations across the galaxy
    • New and improved salvage scenarios added to support search and rescue gameplay
    • Made salvage commodities legal to pick up from wreck sites (will still appear illegal if dropped by ships as that is not salvage)
    • Added more mysterious locations we're not going to tell you about...

    Fixes and Improvements

    Audio Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed some missing landing pad audio
    • Fixed other player's ships being nearly silent when close to planet's surface
    • Fixed ship engines sounding strange when loading into another player's ship in Supercruise in Multi-crew
    • Fixed System and Planetary Map surface ambiance audio not working
    • Ensured that exploration music does not play when near a Planetary Port
    • Fixed an issue where the "Shields offline" audio played after every jump when shields were turned off
    • Fixed the vessel voice temperature warnings not working in Supercruise
    • Mysterious audio for mysterious things.....


    • Fixed a responsiveness issue that could occur when using the D-Pad of a controller on the galaxy map
    • Fixed an issue where the driving mode switches were not bound in the Classic Context controls preset
    • Added default bindings for the vanity camera switch views for keyboard and mouse control scheme

    Companion API

    • /market now uses the correct commodity names and will include prices for legal commodities in the current ship's cargobay that are neither produced nor consumed at the current station
    • Calling /market with rare commodities in the cargobay will now produce the correct sale price for them in game
    • /profile now uses the correct galaxy state for controlling Factions and Superpowers, and uses the correct names for some modules, recipes and customisations
    • /profile now includes Fighters, SRVs, Name and ID of ships
    • /profile now includes most modifications of the current ship's modules, with a few exceptions:
      • Ship armour, hull reinforcements, shield generators and shield boosters return their absolute values for the resistance modifiers, not just the engineer modifiers
      • Modifications to weapon burst size do not automatically affect clip size
      • Burst size and burst rate overrides do not report their consequences for attributes like damage per second
      • Special modifiers are listed, but are not broken down into their effects


    • Added default bindings for useful Multi-crew functions for the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS range


    • Fixed the 'Waiting for Players' and 'Starting Game' text that was obscured on the Elevate map
    • Fixed a UI issue whereby many weapons were incorrectly displaying the 'gimballed' icon on the HUD


    • Engineers should no longer distort influence % displayed for the other factions in that starsystem


    • Encourage factions to not expand into starsystems that require permits
    • Factions that fail to expand from a starsystem after an Investment state has boosted their expansion range will no longer try to expand from that starsystem in the future
    • Factions that retreat from a starsystem will subsequently treat that starsystem as a low priority when choosing an expansion target


    • Restored the missing descriptions for the GU-97 and Taipan Fighter when viewing their details via the Roles panel

    Galaxy Map/System Map

    • Updated some textures in the System Map to reduce memory usage (without reducing the quality)
    • Fixed an issue whereby you would not get a failed message when plotting an economical route
    • Fixed an issue with how the Gemini Constellation was being drawn on the Galaxy Map
    • Corrected an issue whereby the completed mission indicators were not updating correctly on the System Map
    • Fixed an issue where ships that have been transferred were not displayed at the correct location on the Galaxy Map after logging out
    • Corrected the colour of the Metals trade routes shown on the map to match the colour shown in the legend bar
    • Fixed an issue whereby the System Map popup auto minimised when using a control pad
    • Tweaked the route progress bar to show when updating route options
    • Fixed an issue that caused route plotting to plot a route twice if you have neutron star boost turned upon starting a new game session
    • Fixed an issue whereby long range route plotting failed to update route target after 1000 ly jumped

    General Fixes & Tweaks

    • Brazilian Portuguese language translation is now available (A special thanks to our volunteer localisation testers has also been added to the credits)
    • Fixed datestamps on inbox messages
    • Various text fixes
    • Various localisation fixes
    • Added some mysterious things which get unveiled over time...

    Holo-Me Creator

    • The Escape key will no longer exit the Holo-Me system
    • Fixed a rendering issue that could occur when a Commander's hair overlaid certain environmental fog effects
    • Fixed the 'Grime' facepaint not being very visible when applied in the white colour option
    • Corrected the order for some of the female skin tones for the smooth complexion head type
    • Fixed an issue whereby the 'Full 02' mouth shape was also incorrectly adjusting the jaw size
    • Fixed issue whereby players could apply rank decals to their flight suits for ranks they have not yet obtained
    • Fixed an issue where the Holo-Me screen was not focusing on the face when editing the "Complexion" tab
    • Fixed the save prompt appearing when no changes had been made to your Commander
    • Fixed an issue whereby the 'Loading Commanders' notification would display indefinitely after changing you Commander's gender
    • When changing the Commander's gender after previewing or equipping a suit, the suit will now transition properly rather than resetting


    • Add distance from starsystem entry to mission destinations
    • Ship kills, and actions to complete planetary hack and disable missions will now only contribute to a single mission, this will be the earliest mission accepted
    • Refactored mission selection to promote a wider selection of missions on a single board.
    • Refactored mission selection to promote a better spread of missions across factions
    • Refactored mission selection to heavily promote selection of conflict missions for both sides involved
    • Refactored mission selection to more reliably generate permit, engineer, and rank missions at eligible stations.
    • Slightly rebalanced micro resource reward selection probabilities
    • Added an inbox message when passengers alight from the ship
    • Follow-on missions can include more data about previous missions in the chain
    • Added support for missions allocating additional rewards based on station distance from the jump-in point
    • Optimisations to how system data caching for secondary sites is stored and requested
    • Significantly improve mission board loading, especially for those on high-latency networks
    • Fixed message text when trying to accept missions past the mission limit (No longer says "... of this type" when it means total missions)
    • Fixed passengers on tourism missions not realising the player hadn't gone to the right beacon when on multiple-site trips
    • Fixed localisation text for certain parts of Ram Tah's ruins mission in languages other than english
    • Fixed an issue whereby missions could still be locked even if you met the minimum reputation requirements
    • Fixed some over-inflated mission rewards
    • Increased the chance of in-space chain missions spawning
    • For ship kill missions, the mission giver is considered when deciding if a kill should count. This allows for some mission stacking, but only when missions are from different factions
    • Fixed issue whereby courier missions were only spawning at Elite rank
    • Fixed an issue where legal massacre missions were not displaying the mission title in the inbox message after completion
    • Increased the time limit for long distance missions
    • Chain mission inbox messages now better indicate the name and known station of the mission giver
    • Fixed an issue where the same assassination target could appear in a later chain mission or other mission board missions
    • Fixed an issue whereby location information was not displaying correctly for assassination Chain missions that occurred after an altruism mission
    • Fixed some string text that appeared in a chain mission's historical data
    • Fixed an issue whereby Chain missions could persist after deleting your save
    • Reduced the amount of Long Distance missions that will generate
    • Multiple Planetary Scan missions will no longer complete after a single scan
    • We now include the faction and station name in chain mission inbox messages


    • Fixed an issue where if a crew member joined a helm docked in the hangar, the crew would appear docked on the surface while the helm stayed in the hangar
    • Fixed the Multi-crew power distribution pips being reset during Hyperspace and Supercruise transitions
    • Fixed holograms on a Fighter's HUD disappearing during Multi-crew
    • Fixed missile lock audio not working correctly in Multi-crew
    • Fixed an issue where the gunner role has less range when using scanners than the helm role has
    • Fixed an issue where the menu could become locked when quickly attempting to access the Mult-Crew Options (top left panel) during MultiCrew as non-helm role
    • Added a default binding for the multicrew mode switch when using the mouse and keyboard control scheme, the key is Tab
    • Fixed an issue where the holograms on a Fighter's HUD disappear during a Multi-Crew session
    • Made some tweaks so Mutli-crew gunners in the third-person view can no longer automatically target their own launched projectiles
    • Implemented a fix for crew members not always collecting exploration data when scanning a nav beacon


    • Re-enabled UPnP by default in the AppConfig
    • Improvements made to prevent network disconnections in poor network traffic conditions


    • Fixed an issue whereby forgetful Military NPCs could sometimes have left their weapons at home
    • Shooting a capital ship in a scenario where they are the bad guys no longer lands you with a bounty on your head
    • Trigger-happy NPCs will now only shoot missiles once the target's shields have dropped
    • Fixed the falling skimmer issue that could occur on planet surfaces
    • Fix for capital ship movement issues


    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from selecting stored modules in Outfitting
    • Fixed an issue where livery items would not appear the first time they are clicked upon
    • Various outfitting items have had their descriptions fixed
    • Fixed an issue where Bobbleheads were not appearing in the Livery section
    • Fixed an issue where clicking "remove" on a decal slot when no decal was fitted caused the menu to stop responding
    • Vehicle/Fighter sub slots are no longer displayed when transferring an optional internal module from stored modules
    • Fixed an issue whereby ship kits would not preview correctly after quickly switching module slots
    • Fixed an issue whereby when purchasing one or more class 6 planetary vehicle hangers, the class was not correctly detailed for the vehicle slots contained within it
    • Fixed an issue where some ship nameplates were incorrectly displaying the ship ID

    Player Journal

    • Added "Luminosity" property to "Scan" event for a Star
    • Added "MissionRedirected" event
    • Added "SearchAndRescue" event
    • Added "SellShipOnRebuy" event
    • Include Latitude and Longitude info in Screenshot event if appropriate
    • Include transfer time to FetchRemoteModule
    • Include info about online friends at startup
    • The 'Scan" event is generated for all bodies in a system, when scanning a navigation Beacon
    • Added "RepairDrone" event
    • Added "Music" event
    • Population statistic now included in the system info on 'FSDJump'
    • included info about StationServices available when docking at a station
    • Info about all bodies in the system added when scanning a Nav Beacon. If you have a Detailed Surface Scanner installed, this will include detailed info (such as materials available on landable bodies)
    • Included 'TransferTime' property in 'ShipyardTransfer' event
    • Added mission name to player journal for mission redirect message journal entries
    • Fixed an issue whereby Nav Beacons needed to be scanned twice for correct journal entries

    PlayStation 4

    • Added a toggle to switch between tilt and rotate for headlook with motion controls
    • Fixed an issue where the amount of time played would become stuck at 0
    • Fixed numerous crashes
    • Fix for an issue where the “Refined Taste” Trophy was not triggering correctly
    • Adjusted link on Passengers Training Video to direct you to the correct video
    • Fixed an issue where you would be prevented from selecting control presets when booting the game with the T-Flight HOTAS 4 connected
    • Fix for becoming stuck on the Engineers screen after viewing pinned blueprints
    • Pressing Triangle on the Galaxy Map will now jump to your current location
    • Swapped the left and right stick icons around so they’re no longer confused about their directions
    • Added a default binding for deploying your Cargo Scoop with the T-Flight HOTAS 4.
    • Added a default binding for targeting while in the SRV with the T-Flight HOTAS 4
    • Fixed an issue with the heat sinks on the Imperial Cutter disappearing when viewed from close by
    • Fix for numerous audio issues including distortion during dog-fights


    • Fixed a macOS specific issue with asteroid decals having bright textures when mining
    • Fixed a macOS specific issue that saw station lights rendering through your ship's geometry
    • Made some tweaks to prevent certain landing pads from being visible when using the vanity camera when docked in a hangar on a planet
    • Fixed an issue that could lead to other Commanders floating around the screen when inspecting a fighter or SRV
    • Fixed an issue with planet surface textures jittering
    • Improvements made to station LOD (level of detail) when in a Wing
    • macOS: Fixed an issue with gas giants not rendering correctly
    • Fixed an issue whereby ship shadows were missing when first arriving at a planet's surface
    • Fixed hologram scaling issue when targeting a torpedo


    • Fix a cause of stored ships shown on the galaxy map, but were inaccessible from the shipyard
    • Fix a transaction server error when transferring stolen cargo between SRVs and Ships
    • Fix displaying the wrong language labels for Community Goal reward tiers
    • Fix displaying the wrong language in multi-crew session reports
    • Fix some incorrect faction superpower allegiance and government types used for the galaxy map, system map, commodities and outfitting services
    • Stop displaying 'main menu' as a last location in top bounty local news reports
    • Fix a transaction server error when passengers leave ship cabins
    • Fix a transaction server error in outfitting
    • Various reliability and performance improvements
    • Fixed the selling of stolen salvage commodities at blackmarkets
    • Stopped mission cargo from being sellable at the market it was given at
    • Fixed some friends incorrectly appearing offline
    • Fixed certain synthesis boosts lasting too long

    General Ship Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed an issue where players could not switch ships if they had drones in their ship's hold
    • Adjustments made to the Corrosive 1 Paint Job so it works better with non-Raider Ship Kits
    • Fix for Shield Cell Banks having no audio or visual effects when deployed
    • Fixed an issue with accented characters in ship names not displaying correctly


    • Fixed error that could occur when attempting to change the Anaconda's livery when an Engineer's modified shield generator is equipped
    • Fixed a LOD issue with Anaconda Paintjobs
    • Tidied up some textures

    Asp Explorer

    • Fixed a naming inconsistency with the Corroded Livery


    • Fixed some LOD issues

    Diamondback Explorer

    • Fixed some lighting issues


    • Fixed some texture issues with the Excursion Paint Job
    • Flipped some text on the cockpit fire extinguisher
    • The Dolphin now casts a shadow correctly when in the hanger
    • Fixed a texture error that occured when the Dolphin's shields were hit when viewed from another ship


    • Fixed some texture issues

    F63 Condor

    • Adjusted lighting in the livery screen

    Federal Corvette

    • Made adjustments so that the bumper Ship Kit works better with Paintjobs
    • Fixed some clipping that could occur with a Class 1 Cannon in the small size 1 hardpoint
    • The 3rd chair in the Federal Corvette is no longer manufactured by DeLacy and has been replaced with the appropriate Core Dynamics model

    Federal Dropship

    • Patched a hole in the geometry
    • Adjusted the nameplate camera for the Federal Dropship when using VR

    Imperial Courier

    • Made adjustments to the decals to prevent clipping
    • Adjusted decal 1's camera angle to prevent clipping when using VR

    Imperial Eagle

    • Removed some stray geometry that was in the cargobay area
    • Fixed some stretched textures that could be seen when your canopy ices up
    • Minor texture and geometry fixes


    • Rescaled the front decal so it does not cover recessed geometry

    Lakon Type 6

    • Added new hanger cameras for the Lakon Type 6 for the rear Ship Kits and the wings

    Lakon Type 7

    • Fixed a LOD shadowing issue on the top of the Lakon Type 7
    • Fixed some missing cockpit textures when viewed using the Vanity Camera

    Lakon Type 9

    • Added lights to the wings of the Lakon Type 9 so that nameplates can be seen


    • Corrected several vanity camera orientations


    • Fixed the smoothing groups on the sidewinder cockpit glass to improve LOD visuals when panning at close range

    Viper MkIII

    • Fixed some clipping that could occur when equipping a spoiler Ship Kit
    • Fixed a text decal on the rear of the Viper which was cutting through the hull geometry

    Viper MkIV

    • Changed the hanger cameras with rear facing cameras for the spoiler and tail Ship Kits


    • Patched up a small hole in the Vulture cockpit
    • Fixed an issue with the Vulture's co-pilot console


    • Fixed a text overlay issue with the Surface and System map buttons in the Navigation Panel when driving an SRV
    • Fixed an issue that caused the mouse direction cursor to not appear when driving an SRV

    Stability Fixes

    • Fixed a crash that could occur when a nearby NPC ship was docking in a station
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving and exiting back to the main menu
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when reviewing Multicannon hardpoints in Outfitting
    • Fixed a memory crash that could occur in various situations while playing
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering an Unidentified Signal Source
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping in to a Civilian Installation
    • Added a cool mystery thing...
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering Supercruise
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to delete an inbox message
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading in to an SRV
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when visiting Jaques Station in Colonia
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the Planetary Map view
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when scanning another Commander's ship while in your SRV
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when firing weapons that apply the camera shake effect at targets that cannot be shaken
    • Fixed an issue where swapping to an newly docked fighter would disconnect you from the server
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying a Goliath Skimmer
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when following a wake scan
    • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when deploying a Fighter when in Multi-crew
    • Fixed a disconnection that could occur when loading into the game for the first time
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using the mouse to move the camera when in the cockpit
    • Implemented measures to help prevent crashes that could occur when quickly deleting inbox messages
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining or leaving a Multi-crew session
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the System Map
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Synthesis
    • Added another cool mystery thing.....

    Station Services

    • It is no longer possible to sell stolen items that you received as part of a mission on that station's black market

    Stations and Outposts

    • Outpost weapons platform has been completely updated with new art
    • All Outposts have had an art pass to fix minor issues and improve visuals
    • Outpost schematic rendering is now fixed to show all the extra modules, not just the core outpost
    • Modular Stations have had an art pass to fix minor issues and improve visuals in some areas
    • Various station schematic models have been updated to improve quality and fix orientation issues
    • Physics mesh optimisation in the newer station interiors to improve framerate
    • Various updates to station interiors to fix minor art issues and improve LODs


    • Renamed Eol Procul Centauri 1 to Hutton Moon


    • Fixed an issue where the fuel scooping UI element would overlap with the jump charging element
    • Fixed an issue that could cause your inbox to become garbled when deleting messages
    • Fixed an issue where gunsights were not rendering correctly
    • Fixed some icons that were missing in the Multi-crew role switch panel
    • Fixed an issue where the Multi-crew session report could overlay incorrectly and not be closed when opened in the Gunner Cam mode
    • The Insurance screen will now show the last ship you were flying by default
    • Livery items you own will now be indicated with a tick
    • Removed an invisible button to nowhere from the Station Services menu
    • Corrected the Commander portraits appearing at a lower resolution in the Station menu
    • We have made some cosmetic improvements to the layout of the Insurance screen
    • Fixed an issue where a Wingman's target marker could disappear when they target a subsystem
    • Fixed an issue whereby the 'Buy Game Extras' button would not work correctly when using a mouse
    • Made some changes to better accommodate text and prevent it from being cut off when playing the game in Russian
    • Fixed an issue where faction text was overlapping Engineer details while docked at an Engineer base
    • Scanning indicator now appears correctly in the Contacts panel when scanning a Commander
    • Powerplay inbox messages will now show the name of the power that you are aligned with as the sender
    • Fixed an i$$ue where Commander name$ that contained '$' were not di$playing correctly
    • Fixed an issue whereby other players were not displayed as hollow squares on the scanner
    • Players that have you on their sensors are now informed when you enable or disable "Report Crimes Against Me". Additionally, enabling crime reports now has a 15 second delay before actually becoming active (there is currently no delay when disabling crime reports)
    • Made some changed to ensure the Navigation Panel UI stays in sync with the backend code
    • Fixed some ship names that were incorrect on the 'Sell Ships on Rebuy' screen
    • Fixed an issue that caused various elements of the UI displaying the currently selected destination to be out of sync, and allow surface destinations to be selected from the SRV
    • Fixed a small dot that appeared next to the throttle pin on several ships
    • Re-aligned the cargo scoop UI
    • Fixed an issue whereby selecting to transfer a module from the list of stored modules displayed an incorrect list of viable slots
    • Fixed an issue where the title of an inbox message would not fade out when the message had been read
    • Improvements made to the Outfitting Livery UI, so it no longer resets to the top of the list when moving between slots
    • Fixed some cut-off text on the 'Your Stored Ships' button within the Insurance Screen
    • Fixed some cut-off text on the Taipan Fighter's role information screen
    • Fixed an issue whereby the voice comms request icon temporarily appeared on the incorrect user in a player's friends list
    • Fixed some text that was cut-off in the Holo-Me UI when playing the game in some languages
    • Made some adjustments to prevent issues that could occur after Alt-Tabbing when in the Holo-Me UI
    • Fixed some overlapping that could occur in the inbox message titles
    • Fixed an issue where the no indication that a jet cone boost is due when using this option to plot a route appeared on the HUD


    • We have made some adjustments to mouse behaviour when viewing the Holo-Me menu in VR so that it matches other UI screens
    • We have disabled the bloom effect when using the VR graphical presets by default, as it could be a bit hard on the eyes
    • Fixed a tiling issue that occurred when taking high resolution screenshots when using VR
    • Adjusted a variety of outfitting cameras across a range of ships to work better when using VR
    • Fixed an issue whereby the HUD target reticle was displayed inside your cockpit in one eye when using VR


    • We have made some improvements to the animations on railguns
    • If you're still reading this we're definitely not telling you about the mysterious things, you'll have to wait and find out......

    Xbox One

    • Added 25 new Achievements
    • T.Flight Hotas One support
    • Fix for an issue where Ship IDs would only show 5 characters despite 6 being entered

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    Greetings commanders,

    Hopefully your recent endeavors in Elite have been.....eventful and mysterious! Below are the patch notes...

    Fix for a hull reinforcement package incorrectly providing caustic resistance

    Beluga Liner
    Fixed some incorrect preview thumbnails and names for the Beluga Expedition Paint Jobs

    Stability Fixes
    Fixed an issue that was causing players to disconnect when attempting to load into game near a station

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    Hi everyone,

    We've released update 2.4.02 this morning (Oct 3rd, 2017), below are the changes for this update.



    • Fixed the air traffic controller work assignments so they no longer appear to be working where they shouldn't

    General Fixes & Tweaks
    • General text fixes

    Holo-Me Creator
    • Removed some placeholder text for the Cyber Lips tattoo

    • Fixed issue whereby mining missions could be turned in for profit without leaving station
    • Reverted the reward for the Dead Missions to 10 million after it erroneously changed back to 100 million
    • Prevented planetary scan sites from spawning in the same location
    • Rebalanced passenger missions to be much more in line with other mission types
    • Rebalanced distance from star reward elements
    • Increased chance of skimmers on planetary scan missions
    • Fixed an issue with rank mission and permit spawning
    • Fixed incorrect mission (incredibly high) credit rewards and expiry times
    • After reviewing overall player experiences since 2.4, we've adjusted the number of missions the servers attempt to send for each board or passenger lounge

    • Fixed an issue where after an interdiction, the Thargoid did not move or interact with players until taking damage
    • Fixed an issue whereby a ship's shield appeared to still be active during the Thargoid shutdown wave
    • Fixed an issue whereby Thargoids were not attacking the player if they were carrying Thargoid parts in their cargo hold

    Player Journal
    • We no longer write to the journal when in Training Missions
    • Fixed player name in Journal text message report

    PlayStation 4
    • Speculative fix for texture resolution problems

    • Fixed Companion API authentication problems
    • Fixed an error in ship rebuy cost after committing a murder crime against another player
    • Reminded the Engineers how to speak Portuguese
    • Hid hidden factions from the summary local news report
    • Fixed various transaction server errors

    Beluga Liner

    • Decals on the Beluga Liner have been made less reflective
    • Fixed some incorrect preview thumbnails/names for Beluga Expedition Paint Jobs

    • Fixed the SRV's emergency oxygen supply not activating when the life support module is disabled (i.e. running out of fuel)

    Stability Fixes
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when Thardoids fired their missiles
    • Implemented a fix for some players getting stuck loading the Galactic Politics panel
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when in Supercruise
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when accepting missions
    • Fixed a crash that could occur at the Thargoid Barnacle encounters
    • Fixed a crash that could occur as a Thargoid dies while a heart is exerted
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting a Thargoid
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when at a surface port
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to open station services in the docking challenge scenario
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player jumped to hyperspace

    Stations and Outposts
    • Fixed several visual issues with the Coriolis stations
    • Increased the current no fire zones around Stations and Outposts from 6km to 8km

    Weapons & Modules
    • Increased the module health of the heatsink launcher and shutdown field neutraliser, from 20 & 20 -> 45 & 35 respectively
    • Reduced the ArmourPiercing value of Anti-Xeno Dumbfire Missiles from .05 to .001
    • Fixed an issue with the docking computer to prevent it scraping large ships when entering a station
    • Raised the Anti-Xeno turret base to allow for a clearer field of fire
    • Thargoid weapons are now completely immune to chaff (or any other form of weapon confusion)

    • Fixed an issue whereby wing members were sometimes getting multiple copies of combat bonds from destroying Thargoids

    Xbox One

    • Fixed a bug where users were not being offered the features they had bought while signed in on an Xbox other than their home Xbox

    0 0

    Greetings Commanders!

    In order to make sure everyone can enjoy our Frontier Expo, even if you’re not able to make it in person, we are broadcasting parts of the event, including our special content reveals, on our official channels throughout the day! Please note that our guest speakers and the talks taking place on the Second Stage will not be streamed, in order to offer exclusive content for the attendees. Some content will be recorded and published at a later date.

    Have a look at the schedule below to know exactly when and where to tune in from home:

    3:30PM BST Frontier Expo PRE-SHOW
    Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
    Join Community Manager Bo for a snappy show packed with a host of special guests to hype you up for our major game announcements!

    5PM BST Special Content Reveals
    Jurassic World Evolution: Special Content Reveal
    Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
    Senior Community Manager Edward invites Jurassic World Evolution’s Game Director Michael Brookes, Lead Designer Andrew Fletcher, and Head of Animation Nick Rodgers to the Main Stage for the first ever look at this epic new title.

    Planet Coaster: Anniversary Update Reveal
    Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
    Nearly one year after the game’s release, Senior Community Manager Edward is joined by Planet Coaster’s Lead Programmer Andrew Chappell, Lead Artist Sam Denney, and Art Director John Laws to talk about the upcoming Anniversary Update.

    Elite Dangerous: The Year Ahead
    Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
    Looking forward to the next year in the game’s development, Senior Community Manager Edward talks to Elite Dangerous’ Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco, Game Director Laurence Oldham, and Art Director Chris Gregory.

    After Content Reveal: Frontier Expo POST-SHOW
    Where? Official Twitch channel[], Official YouTube channel, Official Facebook page.
    Recap the entire day with Community Manager Bo and the developers.

    Special Guests
    Many content creators are attending Frontier Expo and will be putting vlogs on their channels for you to get even more backstage experiences of the entire event. Did you know that Yogscast are representing with Hat Films, Sjin, Duncan, Angory Tom and Turps), and they will host an official recap show on Monday October 9. YouTuber Ali A is also going to be there to film his experience and post stories live from the show floor.

    That’s not all though; we have even more friends coming who are streaming live from the special streaming booth during the entire day. For a complete list of all of our special guests, please check this page[] for their streaming times and a link to their channels.

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    Greetings commanders,

    At 11AM BST (27 minutes from this posting!), we will be taking the Elite Galaxy servers offline for 30 minutes for update 2.4.03!

    Below are the changes and fixes for this update.

    Companion API

    • Fixed ship prices sometimes not being returned from /shipyard


    • Implemented a fix to stop factions trying to invade during an expansion when they already had a conflict pending


    • Fixed the "Switch" button on the fighter orders menu not disabling when the cockpit canopy is breached

    General Fixes & Tweaks

    • Updated some translations

    Holo-Me Creator

    • Removed the ability to Undo / Redo while a player is not on the top level of a tab in the Holo-Me creator to prevent a store exploit


    • Fixed an issue whereby all Barnacles in a system would appear in the Navigation Panel after scanning just one


    • Fixed the Vent button for the refinery failing to do anything with the hopper


    • Fixed Engineer invite missions not spawning in certain systems
    • Fixed some incorrect text strings that appeared in certain Assassination mission inbox messages
    • Fixed an issue where only massacre missions were spawning instead of rank missions
    • Ensured that Salvage missions contribute to the Exploration career


    • Fixed an issue that led to Thargoids flagging up as allied in certain cases


    • Fixed an issue where previewed decals could remain on the ship after exiting the livery section

    Player Journal

    • Fixed an issue with control characters remaining in the ReceiveText of a journal message


    • Fixed the motion effects appearing fainter than they should be when flying through space


    • Fixed Thargoid encounter UI statistics
    • Fixed some stored ships being unavailable through shipyard

    Imperial Clipper

    • Fixed an issue with the Docking Computer being unable to dock

    Stability Fixes

    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when at Resource Extraction Sites
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if the player disconnected while loading in to a Multi-Crew session


    • We now update a Commander's subscribed to community goal data in the Transactions tab every ten minutes, allowing players to keep track of the results on the fly


    • Fixed the missing lens flares on plasma accelerator shots

    0 0
  • 11/30/17--03:30: Update 2.4.08
  • Greetings commanders, we have 2.4.08 on the way today for you! This update will cover all platforms and will have about 10 minutes of downtime while you download the update, and us updating the servers.

    The contents of the update is as follows...


    • Fixed an issue with the AX Fighter’s statistics that rendered it more effective than intended against human targets

    • Fixed an issue with misaligned Paintjobs for the Keelback.

    Xbox One

    • Fix for inability to send comms messages in normal space when using T.Flight Hotas One.
    • Fix for the T.Flight Hotas One Xbox button putting the ship in full reverse.

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    Hi everyone!

    We’re nearing that time of the year again... wearing cozy jumpers, picking out presents and decorations, celebrating together with family and friends... As per tradition, we’d like to celebrate with you too!

    Frontier’s 24 Hour Charity LivestreamOn December 11, 2017 (midday GMT), Ed and Bo will kick off our third annual Charity livestream in honour of SpecialEffect[], a wonderful charity which helps disabled people use technology and play videogames. We will be joined by amazing developer guests, do midnight challenges, and get progressively tired and silly in the name of a great cause! Last year, we raised over £46,000 together with a £10,000 target; this year we've gone for a more ambitious £25,000 in the hopes that you'll be there to support us to reach that amazing amount. We will be hosting several activities in the weeks to come and during the 24 hour stream, which will end on December 12 (midday GMT).

    We will be streaming on and will upload the entire livestream on YouTube afterwards for archive purposes.
    Please read the below sections carefully if you want to join us in spreading the holiday spirit, and also have a chance to receive some amazing and unique prizes!

    Charity Sweepstake
    For every £1 you donate to our Just Giving[] campaign, you get one entry into the prize draw. At the end of the 24 hour stream we will pick winners together on screen, so make sure to donate and enter your email address (the optional field at donation, not as a comment) for a chance to win one of the following amazing prizes:

    • High-end gaming PC worth £2,000!
    • Xbox One X console
    • PlayStation 4 Pro console
    • Annual pass to a theme park of your choice!
    • 3x £50 Frontier Merch Design Credit
    • 3x Planet Coaster + all DLC (The Munsters, Back to the Future, Knight Rider, Spooky Pack)
    • 2x Elite Dangerous CMDR Deluxe on PC
    • 2x Elite Dangerous on PlayStation 4
    • 2x Elite Dangerous on Xbox One
    • 1x Elgato StreamDeck
    • 1x HyperX package including Hyper X Cloud 2, Hyper X Cloud Alpha, HyperX Aloy FPS keyboard, and HyperX Fury mousepad
    • 2x Hyper X Fury mousepad
    • 2x signed Spooky Planet Coaster poster
    • 1x signed Elite Galaxy Map
    • 1x Frontier Goodie Bag including notebook, posters, postcards, pin badges, sports bottle, mouse mats, and more!

    For the Elite Dangerous players, you can also receive the SpecialEffect paintjob, in case you missed out on it last year, for every £6 you donate to our Just Giving["https] page.
    (Terms and Conditions apply, please see the bottom of this post for details!)

    Blind Charity Auction Coming Soon!
    Like last year, we’re also organising a Blind Charity Auction with super unique prizes for you to bid on (with all the money going to SpecialEffect via our Just Giving[] page). We’re finalising the auction items as we speak, and will post more info about them in the next week or so – these are amazing, bespoke, epic prizes that we hope you’ll enjoy! Keep your eyes peeled on our forums for the Blind Charity Auction coming soon!

    Last but not least...
    We love that you are helping out by donating to SpecialEffect and supporting us by watching our streams. That’s why we’ve set up a very special Advent Calendar that will run throughout the stream, starting from the campaign amount when the stream goes live on December 11. For each £1,000 we raise during those 24 hours, we will open a Calendar door, and there’s loads of surprises behind them... ranging from silly little dares to big giveaways! So help us reach those milestones!

    Thank you for supporting us throughout the past year, with all the updates, our first ever Frontier Expo, streams, and more! Your enthusiasm and love for Frontier is what keeps us ever going, and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope you’re excited to join our celebration, all in support of the amazing charity SpecialEffect. Every little bit helps make a difference in someone else’s life.
    We’ll be sure to host an awesome show on December 11, 2017.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Every full £1 (UK British pound) donated to the Just Giving[] page is an entry into the prize draw.
    • If a donation is made in another currency we will use a currency converter to work out the UK equivalent.
    • The prize draw will be held on December 12, 2017 at 11AM GMT on the livestream. The cut-off time for entries will be announced shortly before the draw.
    • For prize draw tickets to be valid they must include suitable contact details. Either the Commander name in the name or comments for Elite Dangerous players or the email address in the donation (not as a publically viewable comment).
    • Prizes in the raffle may be substituted for one of equal value if for any reason they become unavailable, such as going out of stock.
    • Prizes are available worldwide.
    • Where a prize is not deliverable by a specific merchant, vouchers may be offered for a suitable retailer instead. Specifically for the Gaming PC, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

    SpecialEffect PaintJob
    • The SpecialEffect paintjob and decal will be made available to everyone who has donated over the specified amount in their currency and has a valid email address on their donation (be sure to add them at the donation and not as a comment).
    • These will be sent out after the event ends and not granted immediately. Please be patient for your code, they could take a number of days to be dispatched.
    • The SpecialEffect paint job is only available for use with Elite Dangerous and you will need to own the game in order to use this item.

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    Commanders, we need your help!

    Thargoids have attacked stations around the Pleiades and there are thousands of stranded civilians! Any available ships, head to The Oracle (Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55), Titan's Daughter (Taygeta) and Liman Legacy (HIP 16753) and save them. Please.

    0 0

    Greetings Commanders,

    We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated, watched, or sent their messages of support during this year’s 24 hour livestream. We were absolutely blown away by your generosity, as we managed to reach an incredible £54,000 for SpecialEffect before the day finished!

    We’re busy uploading some of the highlights for you now, and will let you know when they go up on our YouTube channel. Some of my personal highlights included watching David Braben punch the air with glee as he managed to dock in the original Elite, Zac Antonaci having his insectoid supper, and the two hour EDRPG session.

    As in previous years, the 24 hour stream is a nice way to round off the livestream schedule for the year, so I wanted to drop you a note about the streams and other communication coming in early 2018.

    Firstly we’ll be continuing the Focused Feedback Forum[] posts about the features coming to the Beyond Series of updates. We’ve been thrilled with your constructive feedback so far, and wanted to carry on in the same way. In the new year we’ll make new posts relating to the other features in the Beyond series of updates, including Squadrons and more. We’ll also be continuing the livestreams that run alongside these forum posts, where we’ll be joined by Sandro Sammarco to talk about the feedback and explain the initial pitch and concept for the feature in detail.

    Discovery Scanner will continue in to 2018, which is our livestream series that goes behind the scenes of the creation of Elite Dangerous. Previously we looked at the creation of the Thargons with Mark Allen and how the Galaxy was brought to life with the Stellar Forge by Dr Anthony Ross. We have a selection of topics ready to discuss, but I’d also love to know who you would love to hear from! Put your suggestions for future episodes in the thread below… and we’ll see what we can do!

    The Beyond Series of updates begins in Q1 2018 and is free to all owners of Elite Dangerous: Horizons. As with our other content updates in 2.4, we’ll be ramping up to the launch with livestreams, images and video on social media and blog posts here on the forum. We’re looking forward to showing you what’s coming in the first of the Beyond Series of updates, and show you some in-game examples in the lead up to launch.

    In the meantime, please continue enjoying 2.4, as there’s more to come… I've heard some nasty explosions coming from the Pleiades… what’s all that about?

    Thanks again, from me and the community team, for another amazing year… here’s to many more.



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    Greetings Commanders,

    The Thargoid threat is rising. We’re receiving reports of attacks on space stations and devastation across the galaxy. Commanders have been requested to embark on dangerous rescue attempts to shuttle survivors away from the menace.

    There’s no doubt that we’ve got a difficult task ahead. But it’s not over yet... With the urgent need for new weaponry apparent, the Alliance Navy has commissioned Lakon Spaceways to overhaul the Type-9, in response to recent events.

    The result of this collaboration is the new Type-10 Defender, a military behemoth specifically built for combat and absorbing heavy hits. It’s available now from most Alliance-controlled, high-tech systems.

    What are you waiting for, Commander?

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    Greetings commanders,

    At Frontier Expo 2017, we revealed the first details of season 3 of Elite Dangerous, called Elite Dangerous: Beyond– you can watch back the announcements here. Throughout 2018 we’re bringing four Beyond updates to Elite Dangerous Commanders which focus on adding new content, uncovering and progressing the mysteries of the galaxy and enhancing existing core gameplay experiences. These updates will consist of a number of additions with the first update detailed below, followed by two smaller content updates through the year and our largest update coming in Q4. Each update will be a new Chapter in the Elite Dangerous: Beyond season.

    Today we're pleased to announce that you'll be able to test Chapter 1 of the series in the open beta coming to all PC Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons players on Thursday 25 January!

    As always we welcome your feedback in our dedicated feedback livestreams, and on the beta and bug report forums. These beta tests have always been an incredibly useful and valuable part of development, and Beyond Chapter 1 will be no exception. Because of the huge number of core feature enhancements, the introduction of a new ship, and other numerous additions and improvements, we want to be sure that as many of you are able to experience and test the beta first-hand, for that reason we have decided to open this beta to all players of Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons on PC.

    We'll publish a full list of changes on beta launch day, but come along to our content livestreams on Tuesday 16 January at 7PM GMT and Thursday 18 January at 7PM GMT for a closer look at everything in this update. In the meantime, you can see a short summary of some of the features below.

    New Ship: Chieftain
    Elite Dangerous Horizons Commanders will also be able to take to the stars in the new Alliance Chieftain, designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more maneuverable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight.

    Improved Core Mechanics
    Chapter 1 of Beyond will bring improvements to some of Elite Dangerous' core mechanics, including accessibility enhancements to the engineering mechanics, an overhaul of mission rewards and big changes to crime and punishment. We’ll be sharing more information on the changes to Crime and Punishment, and the Engineers in a future post here on the forums and in the livestreams mentioned above.

    Wing Missions
    Chapter 1 of Beyond will give you the chance to take on wing missions with your fellow Commanders, sharing both the efforts and rewards.

    Revised Trade Data
    Commanders will now be able to access trade data from systems they have previously visited, in order to make more informed decisions when shipping goods across the Milky Way.

    Planetary Visual Improvements
    Chapter 1 also includes the first of the planetary visual improvements coming as part of the Beyond series of updates (with more surface level improvements coming later in the year) bringing a new vibrancy to the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

    GalNet Audio
    With the introduction of GalNet Audio, you will be able to catch up on the latest news from across the galaxy without ever leaving the action.

    You can find the beta details below:

    • When? 25 January 2018
    • Who? This beta is open to everyone on PC and Mac

    The beta includes new content, changes and improvements for both Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous Horizons players. In order to access all of the content, you will require Elite Dangerous Horizons.

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    Hi everyone,

    We're beginning the Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One content reveal livestreams tonight, with Sandro Sammarco, Adam Bourke-Waite... and me. Join us on the official Elite Dangerous YouTube channel at 7PM GMT.

    After much discussion, we have decided to split the content reveals in to three livestreams. One tonight (16/01/18), one on Thursday (18/01/18) and one on the following Tuesday (23/01/18). There's a lot of content to get through, so we wanted to make sure that we can have the right people talking about the content, and with enough time to give each feature the attention it deserves.

    Remember, the beta is released on Thursday 25 to all PC players, as detailed in the forum post here[].

    We'll also be posting a summary of what was shown on the livestream on the forums. Look out for a post in News and Bulletins updates later tonight.

    Here's what we're going to be covering in the streams (please note this is subject to change):

    Tonight's Stream (16/01/18)

    • Changes to Crime and Punishment
    • Wing Missions
    • ...and more!

    Thursday's Stream (18/01/18)
    • The Chieftain
    • Planetary visual improvements
    • Trade data improvements
    • The Tech Broker
    • more!

    Following Tuesday's Stream (18/01/18)
    • Engineers
    • Material Trader
    • GalNet Audio
    • EVEN MORE!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you all in the streams!




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    Hi commanders,

    If you missed tonight's content reveal livestream or just wanted a recap of all the content discussed, read the notes below from Sandro Sammarco, Lead Designer, and Adam Bourke-Waite, Senior Designer:

    Please note this is part one of three livestreams, for more details click here[].


    Another one of the changes coming to this Chapter is the revisions to Crime and Punishment, introducing crimes attached to ships, bounty changes and detention centers. More details can be found below:

    'Hot' Ships

    • Crimes are attached to ships which cause them to become 'hot.'
    • Ships that are 'hot' have to connect to Starport services anonymously which limits their access to certain services.
    • Fines can be paid off at security contacts, but Bounties must be paid off using the Interstellar Factors.

    Why we are making these changes:

    • Attaching crimes to ships allows provides more options for criminals. They can swap and store hot ships to avoid being wanted, but at reasonable cost (...which is that they’re not using the hot ship).
    • It also neatly closes off loopholes where Commanders would switch to cheap or free ships before allowing themselves to be detected and possibly destroyed.
    • This flexibility allows us to safely increase consequences for criminals: if the criminal continues to use a hot ship they may have to travel farther to find the port services they need.

    Bounties and Notoriety

    • Fines no longer mature into bounties.
    • Bounties are no longer dormant.
    • Murder bounties are being revamped to include the following:
      • A fraction of the perpetrator’s rebuy cost.
      • A fraction of the victim’s rebuy cost.

    • Commanders will have a 'Notoriety' level:
      • It increases with each murder crime
      • It increases the rebuy cost fractions for both perp and victim
      • The victim’s rebuy cost is reduced by this amount
      • It decreases when a Commander is brought to justice.

    • We are introducing 'Power bounties,' which only apply to 'Power' crimes
      • Power bounties replace normal crimes for Power activities
      • Power bounties can only be seen and claimed by appropriately pledged ships
      • Power bounties do not follow the crime flow
      Why we are making these changes:

    • A reduction in crime states helps increase legibility.
    • We felt the bounties for murder, in general, were a little too low.
    • We feel its fairer that the perpetrator should shoulder some of the victim’s debt.
    • Notoriety ensures that some of the risks of crime cannot simply be shaken off by changing one's ship.
    • Power bounties allow us to have consensual PvP without unduly punishing those involved.

    Interstellar Bounties

    • Superpowers will issue Interstellar bounties against Commanders that continually transgress against factions aligned with them. [INDENT][/indent]

    • An Interstellar bounty is issued once the credit value for all appropriate bounties and fines breaches a certain threshold.
    • Interstellar bounties are valid in every jurisdiction controlled by a faction aligned with the superpower.

    Why we are making these changes:

    • We used to have these interstellar bounties in early Elite Dangerous and believe they add another level of consequences for serial criminals and help demarcate the superpower’s areas of influence.


    • When criminals repeatedly commit crimes in sucession, they will eventually draw the attention of special authority ships: the Advanced Tactical Response.
    • These are powerful enough to pose a real threat to any ships Commanders have, though they will not insta-kill you.

    Why we are making these changes:

    • The ATR exist to prevent commanders from operating above the law and act as a soft cap on criminal activities.

    Detention Centres and Respawning

    • When a criminal is detected and destroyed they respawn at the nearest appropriate 'Detention Centre.'
    • At a detention centre a Commander must pay for crimes committed in the jurisdiction where they were destroyed.
    • Leaving a detention centre a Commander is safe from other Commanders until engage their FSD.
    • There are Superpower detention centres for Commanders with Interstellar bounties.
    • Ships that are destroyed unrelated to crime will respawn at the nearest and safest Starport in the system if possible, reverting to the last port docked if not.

    Why we are making these changes:

    • This change allows us to guarantee that when the authorities or bounty hunters are successful, the criminal must pay for their crimes.
    • The concept of respawning at ports within a system is less punishing and more contextually sound.

    Miscellaneous Changes

    • Kill Warrant Scanner will reveal the single largest bounty.

    For more details about Crime and Punishment revisions, check here:


    One of the new additions to Elite Dangerous in Chapter One of the Beyond updates is the introduction of wing missions. These are missions designed to be shared by up to four players. It’s one of the most requested mission features and we are excited to take out first steps into multiplayer missions.

    On the stream tonight we showcased one of the wing missions players will be able to test in the beta: a wing delivery mission. This mission requires the player, and his wingmates, to deliver a large quantity of cargo units from one station to another.

    • In order to accept the mission, one member of the wing needs to access the mission board and select a wing mission, which are denoted by a special icon.
    • Once accepted, the player who took the mission can share it by clicking the share button on the mission’s entry, located in the 'Transactions' panel. Doing so sends the player's wingmates an inbox message and adds the mission to their own Transactions panel.
    • The wingmates can choose to then either accept or decline the mission invite in the Transactions panel.
    • Important to note: each player can only share one mission at a time, this means that with a maximum of four players in a wing, players can be part of up to a maximum of four active wing missions at any given time.
    In the case of a wing delivery mission, players will be charged with transporting large quantities of goods from point A to point B. Previously, when taking a delivery mission, all the cargo would be placed into the player’s hold for them to deliver. However, as we are now dealing with larger quantities and missions involving multiple players, this added a new development challenge; we needed to add a way for players to collect and deliver part of the mission’s total required cargo. In order to facilitate this, we introduced the 'mission depot,' which allows members of a wing to collect and deliver any amount of cargo that they require for the mission.

    The mission is completed when all the cargo has been delivered and each member of the wing is then able to collect their rewards.
    • All players who are members of the wing at the point that the mission is completed are eligible for the mission rewards.
    • Every member of the wing receives the same reward choices for completing the mission.
    • Wing missions are also using the new mission reward system, which provides players with three different, and roughly equivalent, reward packages allowing each player to choose which set of rewards they wish to claim. One of these reward packages will always be a credit based reward package.

    For more details about Wing Missions, check here:

    0 0

    Hi commanders,

    If you missed tonight's content reveal livestream or just wanted a recap of all the content discussed, read the notes below from designers Steve Kirby, Sandro Sammarco and Game Director Laurence Oldham.

    Please note this is part two of three livestreams, for more details click here[].

    If you missed part one, check it out here.

    Remember that all of these changes will be featured in the beta and could be subject to change.


    We have overhauled the surface material system for the rocky, high metal content and metal rich planets. We have pushed the system to get a lot more out of it, but this is just the first step towards further major planetary system improvements. The contrast and variation across and between bodies is much improved.

    We also hope that these planetary visual improvements (with more surface level improvements coming later in the year) will also bring a new vibrancy to the Elite Dangerous galaxy, encouraging wanderlust explorers to discover far systems and planets.

    The colouration of the surfaces now more clearly telegraphs the chemical makeup and volcanic activity of the worlds. In addition, binary rocky/metallic planets more accurately simulate having similar colourations from shared formation materials where appropriate.

    We have a range of colourations for:

    High Metal
    Metal Rich
    No Volcanism
    No Volcanism
    No Volcanism
    Low Volcanism
    Low Volcanism
    Low Volcanism
    Mid to High Volcanism
    Mid to High Volcanism
    Mid to High Volcanism

    See the visual improvements for yourself here:

    - [LLMSSS]

    The Alliance Chieftain is a medium-sized ship that has been designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more maneuverable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight. The ship also boasts three internal military compartments, allowing the pilot to equip a shield cell bank, hull reinforcements and module reinforcements.

    Important note:as there are no Alliance ranks, you will not need a specific rank to unlock this ship.

    Get a closer look at the Chieftain and see it in action on the stream here:

    Brief Chieftain outfitting can be seen here:


    Technology Brokers are dealers in new and rare technologies and items. These contacts appear in various stations across known human space and can generally be found in highly populated systems with a high security level. Visit tech brokers to see what items they currently have available and complete set requests to unlock these items by handing in the required commodities and materials. The addition of Technology Brokers allows pilots to acquire new items based on their personal narrative giving even more ways to play elite your way.

    For more details about the new Tech Broker, check here:


    We are making changes to the commodities markets and the galaxy map to allow players to find profitable trades more easily in-game.

    In the game at the moment, by default the galactic average column shows the average price of the commodity or rough profits from various stations where you have purchased the trade data from.

    How trade data works in Beyond Chapter One:

    • Commanders will be able to select the trade data column header to enter the trade data overlay.
    • From there, you can select specific markets by typing in the system name or finding the system using the galaxy map.

      Important note:only systems you have docked in or scanned the 'Nav Beacon' at will display a result when entered, so the more systems you visit in the greater the amount of trade data you will have to use when looking for a potential profit.

    • Once a system is selected, as long as you have the trade data, a tab will appear.
    • Using this you can select which market in the system you want to display the trade data for.
    • You can now select whether you want to show export profits (the money you would make when exporting to the system) or input profits (the money you would make from importing goods from the system to your current market).
    • Once the parameters have been chosen, you can hit the OK button to display the data for the selected market on the commodity market screen allowing you to see what profits you could make on any commodities.

      Important note:profit given is accurate at the time of being displayed and can fluctuate when travelling to the chosen market.

    • The commodities market interface has also had a makeover with more information about potential markets displayed in the right hand panel. Supply and demand is now shown as pips instead of high (now 3 pips), medium (now 2 pips) and low (now 1 pip).
    • When you select a commodity, a confirmation overlay will open, allowing you to select how many of the item you want to buy or sell and then you'll be able to confirm the trade

    Using the galaxy map for trade data:

    • You can use the same interface to access and use the galaxy map to select a target market. This is also available straight from the galaxy map tab in the left cockpit panel.
    • With the galaxy map open you can use some new configuration options to display trade data, find trades and select a market to compare with your current location.
    • New options are stored in the Map option under 'Map View Configuration.'
    • There is a new entry in this drop down called 'By Commodity'.
    • This will open up the new commodity search options
    • You will be able to select the commodity type and commodity that you are interested in.
    • If you already have a commodity in your ships inventory it will be highlighted with an icon, allowing you to see at a glance what you have onboard.
    • With a commodity chosen the galaxy map will display trade heat map icons within a 40 light year radius of your current position to indicate star systems that import or export that commodity.

      Important note: you can search for and look at trade data for systems further than 40ly, it’s just that the heat map has a set range so the icons will only show up within that range of your current location.

    • A Blue Diamond is a system that imports the item and Green Triangle is a system that exports the item.
    • Under the commodity selection on the left hand panel are also three new filters allowing you to set the icons to show:
      • Best import and export prices
      • Import prices only
      • Export prices only

    • With the By Commodity map mode selected, you can move your cursor over a system and select it.

      As mentioned before, if you have previously docked in the system or scanned the 'Nav Beacon' there then an expanded overlay will display trade data. But for systems that you have not visited, a message will be displayed telling you that the system's data is unavailable and how you can unlock it.

    • When you select a system, you will be able to scroll through each market in the system and see the per unit price of your chosen commodity on the system selection overlay. This will allow you to quickly work out the best locations to trade at (based on price).
    • Below 'import/export price' there is a new selection of filters. Using these filters you can find the best location with the best price to suit your ship and cargo.

      These filters are as are:

      • Landing pad size – This allows you to see what landing pad sizes are available at the Starport.
      • - Distance from star – This allows you to filter between market a short, medium or long range from the main system star.

    • We have also added another new button on the system selection overlay: mark market for comparison. This allows you to show the trade data from your selected commodity market to the commodity market at your current location (instead of displaying the galactic average.)

    Trending trade route data

    We have also updated the trade data routes in the galaxy map to now show trending trade routes used by commanders and commercial pilots. Using these filters can, alongside the various commodity filters, help commanders get a clear view of who is trading what and where in the systems near to you.

    Ultimately, we hope these new tools will make it easier for players to find the best trades, while also encourage them to explore and visit multiple systems to unlock new markets and potential profits.

    For a full recap on trade data changes, watch the stream here:


    Another change coming to this chapter of Beyond is the additional gameplay interactions that will be available at the various megaships found across the galaxy. As well as the simple data links and NPC ship scenarios we have added a new flow for scanning these and (in later Beyond updates) other large space objects.

    Initiating Interactions:

    • Megaships will now need to be scanned with the data scanner before any of the interaction objects become interactive.
    • Doing so will release a scan pulse which highlights all interaction objects attached to the ship.
    • Interaction objects are added to the ships contacts panel and can now be targeted and interrogated to discover how to interact with them.
    • Some of interactions will utilise limpets of various types to allow you to activate, deactivate, damage, hack or simply operate an item. While others can be shot or scanned to interact.

    Discover all of the new ways to interact with megaships in the beta, details here:

    One thing to note is that all current interactions are considered illegal, tying in with the changes to Crime and Punishment. These interactions provide criminal pilots new gameplay options as well as giving lawful players new locations to find wanted pilots.

    In addition to the aforementioned interactions, we have tweaked the scenarios around the megaships to include a greater variety of criminal and lawful pilots, as well as crime responders such as police ships which we feel will add a bit more spice to these locations.

    We have plans to add other interaction types and locations in later updates, so there will be more to come in this area.

    For a recap on megaship interactions, check the stream here:

    0 0

    Hi commanders,

    If you missed tonight's content reveal livestream or just wanted a recap of all the content discussed, read the notes below from Sandro Sammarco, Lead Designer, and Steve Kirby, Principal Designer:

    Please note this is part three of three livestreams, for more details click here[].

    If you missed part one, check it out here.
    If you missed part two, check it out here.

    Engineering Improvements

    Engineering is gaining a significant update in Beyond Chapter One, focused on a single principle: the process should always result in a sense of progressive improvement.

    In this updated system, you progress a module’s capabilities through a series of modification grades, with every upgrade you craft working towards an improvement. Any penalties are static and visible upfront.

    Experimental effects are no longer randomly applied but can be purchased by spending materials, putting the choice fully in your hands.

    Together with remote engineering from any Starport that has outfitting, a new material trader contact, (100) per-material storage facilities and additional target information for materials, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your favourite ship!

    Materials Trader

    Added a new contact called a Materials Trader to give players the ability to hand in materials in exchange for others at set exchange rates based on grade and material type.

    This will allow players to trade for rarer items or items obtained by gameplay they do not want to take part in (E.G. killing trade ships) as well as converting stockpiles of unwanted materials to ones that the player needs.

    This is not intended to replace material gathering completely, but be a useful tool to help shorten the gameplay loops around gathering materials, making engineering and unlocking items at the tech broker more accessible.

    • Allow players to trader one material of another in a single trade.
    • Only one trade at a time can be completed.
    • Material traders operate on a true barter system. There are no credits involved.
    • Traders are split into types – Raw, Manufactured and Encoded.
    • Each trader type only trades in their type of materials and can be found in different economy types. Locations material traders can be found are:
    1. Raw Materials Trader - Found at extraction and refinery economies, only trades in raw material found on planet surfaces and planetary rings.
    2. Manufactured Materials Trader - Found at industrial economies, only trades in manufactured materials.
    3. Encoded Materials Trader - Found at High Tech and Military economies, only trades in encoded materials.
    4. Systems also need to be mid to high security systems and have populations between 1,000,000 and 22,000,000.
    • Materials Trades will not show up in lawless and anarchy systems.
    • Materials Traders will not show up at stations that are currently controlled by a criminal faction.
    • Materials Traders will be unavailable when a station is damaged, under repair or put on lockdown.
    • Horizons is required to use Material traders.
    • Material traders can be found using the new By Service map view configuration option. This has a 40ly range and only shows traders that you have discovered.
    • Material traders will also be shown on the system map in the station services list.
    • Material traders will appear in the Human Bubble, Colonia and Pleiades regions at economies types listed above.

    Galnet Audio

    At the simple click of a button, you’ll now be able to listen to GalNet audio whilst flying your ship.

    All you have to do is select the play button at the bottom of the right-hand system panel in your cockpit to play through the headline news stories.
    If you’re looking for a specific story, or you want to curate your own playlist of handpicked news, you can do so by opening up GalNet news from the same panel and select the stories individually.

    GalNet news will fade in and out depending on the situation, and stop altogether in some key situations. In some cases, such as counting down to hyperspace jumps, the news will pause and then resume once the countdown is complete. The story, or playlist, will continue from where you left off.

    COVAS Customisation

    Changing your COVAS is a new addition to Elite Dangerous and the first of these will be Victor, ready at the launch of Chapter One of Beyond. Commanders will be able to change their COVAS at the Starport Services livery customisation section.

    It'll be possible to also change the COVAS for your SRV too, you'll need to head over to the SRV customisation bay to change your preference.

    And... if you miss Verity, you'll be able to change the COVAS back.

    Frontier is working in partnership with HCS to bring you new COVAS packs in the future. These voices are intended to bring a new flavour to commanders out in the black, however, it's important to note at the current time we do not intend to introduce celebrity voice packs.